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Well, that's a wrap!

Home and Garden Idea Fair 2013 wrapped up nicely with many happy plant vendors.
In speaking with most of them, it was a pretty consistent consensus - sales were up..up...up. So good to hear.
Mel of Shoestring Valley stated this as he reserved his space for 2014, "Same stall request as this year.  I set a new record this year.  I guessed right for  what people would want."
And Anna of Woodlawn couldn't wait to get her reservation secure for 2014, adding yet another booth to her nursery display. Anna sent me the kindest note, "Hope all is well. You sure put on a good show. Thank you!"
Thanks to all of the HGIF 2013 vendors, staff and customers for making this an outstanding 22nd year.
If you are interested in securing space for the 2014 HGIF you can view availability below or download a copy [here] and submit a request for reservation using this form
HGIF Vendor Contract
Highlighted spaces are either reserved or pending reservation. All other spaces are available first come first serve. Feel free to call 360.263.8890 or email snaccmail@specialtynursery.org with questions.
Look forward to seeing you in 2014!


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