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Welcome to Sebright Gardens. We carry several hundred varieties of hostas. We have 73 additions to our 2010 catalog which includes one new 2010 Sebright Gardens introduction; Emerald City Chick. Returning customers to the nursery will find many new enhancements to make shopping easier. Whatever has been asked for in the past, we are striving to make it so. Also, we have added more Hardy Fern varieties to choose from with a culmination of approximately 75 varieties of Hardy Ferns this spring. You can download our 2010 catalog by clicking on "Download Catalog" on the left side of this screen. All our Hostas are Virus X free. We are very proactive & diligent in insuring that the virus doesn't enter Sebright Gardens. In our descriptions, the best location in shade, amount of sun tolerance and bloom times listed are based on conditions here in Western Oregon where summers are considered warm & dry. We have four Sebright Gardens introductions; Gentle Giant, which is a vigorous & stunning, upright, giant blue hosta that is quite sun tolerant for a blue & for a hosta for that matter & the last two years, our display clump of Gentle Giant stood just shy of 4 feet Tall! Tears of Joy, a sport of Tiny Tears is an ever so pretty & vigorous miniature hosta with wavy, twisted green leaves making it a perfect hosta for a rock garden. Emerald City Chick, a sport of Dixie Chickadee that is small yet vigorous with attractive glossy green foliage. Then Sweet Thing, a sport of So Sweet that has a unique, narrow penciled margin surrounding a shiny green center which is a favorite fragrant hosta for our garden visitors. A big thank you needs to go to Gail Austin for many of the great Japanese iris photos she donated to us that she took in her display gardens. We are committed to providing the highest quality plants and service to make your plant purchasing experience a pleasant and rewarding one. We sincerely hope you find our website fun, useful, and easy to navigate. http://www.sebrightgardens.com/

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